Experience across the full scope of HR

A Sample of Activity

Talent Acquisition

  • Jeff has built two Talent Acquisition teams from the ground up. 
  • He has implemented employer branding and pre-employment surveys. 
  • He has implemented creative hiring solutions to reduce time to hire, leveraging internal and external hiring options.
  • He has built career portals and is well versed in recruiting technology.
  • The results have been 50% reduction in time and cost to hire, higher talent levels and reduced turnover.
  • Led hiring of multiple executives, including Directors, VP’s and Presidents.

Top Talent

  • Jeff has built Strategic Workforce Plans that identified critical skill gaps and strategic plans to hire emerging competencies.
  • Jeff has built processes to identify and proactively manage the best talent within the organization.
  • Jeff has built new, efficient on-boarding processes to ensure new employees connect with the company quicker.
  • Identified critical roles and set targets of 100% of top talent occupying those roles.
  • Built competency matrix for General Managers that accelerated growth and improved future hiring.

Developing employees

  • Jeff has built development programs to drive performance and learning. This has been from manager coaching, to career development, to leadership, to problem solving and more.
  • Built Career Map for all employees to be more effective in managing their career progression.
  • Created process to analyze annual performance feedback of all employees to build strategic development plan for the coming year. Saw 30% improvement in core skill capability after implementation.
  • Jeff implemented virtual mentors, as well as initiated burst learning capability.
  • Jeff delivered innovating short term rotation program to accelerate development. Including setting objectives to rotate 50 top talent per year.
  • Jeff implemented leadership survey that improved leadership skills by 40%
  • Compliance and Ethics learning strategy that focuses on reinforcing integrity and ethics at each key career touch point

Culture Stewardship

  • Jeff was instrumental in building and rolling out a new culture at Sally Beauty. He ensured it was reinforced from the top down through strategic tools like simple recognition, telling stories and proactive feedback loops. He also has leveraged culture champions to drive adoption and rolled out social tools to break down barriers among the millennials. 
  • He built a new employer brand at Sally Beauty which has a dramatic impact on the quality of hires. With the new employer brand and a pre-hire survey, he saw turnover reduced by 50% in some areas of the business.
  • Jeff has owned employee communications on three different occasions. Each time, he ensured new channels were used to get the message to the employees. He has used various tools and techniques to engage employees through proactive communications. Tools such as Tedtalk style videos, employee blogs and social networking within the company.

Performance Management

  • Jeff has implemented programs to provide feedback on a continuous basis, including a coaching program for all managers.
  • Jeff has leveraged annual performance feedback to build development programs that identify the biggest skill gaps of the employee base.
  • Jeff built and implemented a new performance management process that dramatically streamlined manager time, while providing much better feedback for employees in two organizations.
  • Jeff  implemented nine-box talent programs and succession processes on multiple occasions. 
  • Organization Development
  • Jeff facilitated the creation of a new organizational vision with the Intel Japan President and then led the rollout to the organization.
  • · Jeff led an organization restructure with the VP and GM of Central and Eastern Europe while at Kimberly Clark.
  • Jeff led a global marketing restructure supported by the CMO and Group President of Kimberly Clark International that was bought off by the CEO.
  • Part of team for Mergers & Acquisitions, site divestitures, and green field site start up
  • Jeff has been part of seven M&A’s, 2 greenfield startups, and 3 divestitures.

Succession Planning

  • Jeff built an extensive succession plan for 56 key roles while at Kimberly Clark. This process identified top talent and key successors. After 5 years, two of the identified top talent are now in President roles.
  • Jeff built a CEO succession plan while at Sally Beauty and was bought off by the Board of Directors
  • Delivered multi-pronged Employee Engagement Initiatives that made a difference
  • Jeff facilitated the creation of a new organization vision and roll out.
  • Organizational Health Program that improved employee engagement from 46% to 83% in one year
  • · Diversity programs that focused women and employees with disabilities 
  • Implemented multiple engagement activities that put the organization into a top 20 position on the GPTW survey. Activities included: innovation competition, fresh fruit, updated workplace, career discussions, storytelling, employee recognition, out of work activities, improved communication channels, and low/no cost individualized incentives.

Building Teams

  • Jeff has been instrumental in uniting and building executive teams in both Japan and Central/Eastern Europe. Though team assessments, facilitating vision sessions and other leadership activities, he has helped the leader establish cohesive teams.
  • While in Russia, Jeff led an integration of employees from different companies. There were multiple cultures from pervious companies was prevalent. He leveraged the Kimberly Clark core values to unite the different employees and reinforced the corporate culture and the value of cross functional teamwork. A key action was establishing cross functional teams of top talent that had diverse backgrounds. This established a cohesiveness of a shared goal that lasted long past the project. 

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