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International Leader


Over 15 years of Human Resources experience in the US, Asia, Latin America and EMEA; success in multiple industries (technology, consumer products, retail, non-profit).

Deliver Value to Organizations


  • Reduced turnover by 50%
  • Improved Leadership skills by 40%
  • $50M in cost savings over career
  • Employee engagement increased by 16%
  • Talent programs that have developed top talent into Presidents

The Missing Piece To Your Team


The importance of finding the right talent for the right role with the right fit is paramount. With experience in every aspect of HR, from Talent to Total Rewards to Executive Compensation to Business Partner and Back Office processes, Jef can be the missing piece to your team.

Career Built on Success


People & Culture

 With technology being available to all companies, the only real competitive advantage is the people and culture. Finding, growing and engaging people within the unique culture is what separates great companies. That is where I come in. My career has been about transforming culture, unleashing the power of people and adding value to organizations. Whether establishing a new corporate culture, a executive succession plan, a new recruiting strategy, a learning deployment plan or implementing a new performance management system, I leverage best in class HR practices to solve the critical issues that stand in the way of the business success. A few examples include:

* $5M reduction of SG&A costs implementing an organization efficiency program
* $3M ROI through regional overhaul of Talent Acquisition process, Employer Branding and ATS implementation
* $3M savings consolidating 13+ countries into a HR Shared Services Center and Payroll outsourcing
* $2M+ savings reducing turnover by 50%+
* Over $500M increase in top line revenue through process redesign, employee engagement, leadership development, shaping culture and other talent initiatives
* Innovative succession strategies yielding 4 Presidents and 20+ executives through identification of top talent and proactive development of skills and capabilities.

As an accomplished global Human Resource leader and trusted advisor, I have a record of innovative initiatives that provide a competitive talent advantage. My Success has been built across diverse cultures (Asia, Europe, north and south America) and diverse industries (Technology, Consumer Products, Retail, non-profit). Not only do I have an extensive background across the breadth of HR, my career is augmented with experience in IT and Finance. With my unique background, I am not your typical HR professional and can bring a broader perspective to any business.

Career Summary

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Detailed Capabilities and Accomplishments

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Private Equity


Head of Talent & Total Rewards

Responsible for Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Compensation, Benefits, Performance Management, Talent Management, Recognition and Succession Planning 


Global Operations Sr. Director, Human Resources

Hired to be the Business Partner for the COO and lead HR across 37 manufacturing sites (union and non-union) in 12 different countries.


Major Accomplishments

  •  Established Organization archetypes for all manufacturing and drove redesign saving over $11M in labor
  • Led overall integration of acquisition, drove $3M in synergies while business over achieved plan by $4M
  • Led implementation of Talent Review and succession plan for the executive team. 
  • Built and implemented talent acquisition, saving over $500k
  • Upgraded global HR team and implemented HR Business Partner model 
  • Built and drove first executive compensation review with BOD
  • Drove project incorporating Value Stream Mapping, Production Planning and Labor Planning to save $2M
  • Led growth strategy to capture $40M incremental sales in emerging markets, approved by BOD

Fortune 500 Companies


  • Delivered innovative talent transformation across 27,000 employees in 13 countries. 
  • Led a global team of 27 with a $5M budget. 
  • Responsible for talent acquisition, learning and development, performance management, succession planning and corporate communications strategy and operational delivery.  


  • Managed strategy and operational delivery for learning for global Learning and Development 
  • Led a regional team organization across 26 countries in Central & Eastern Europe in factory and staff roles, with a $9M budget. 
  • HR Business Partner and Global Talent Management for Kimberly Clark International


  • Led the Human Resources team of 10 in support of the $4B business in Japan.
  •  Led team across a regional organization of 200 employees, in 17 counties and a $10M budget with a charter to transform Human Resources Operations in the region.
  •  Led a global team of 45 employees, a $5M budget, with responsibilities for employee reimbursement processes, Corporate travel card, tuition reimbursement and Global Human Resources content.  
  •  Transformed the U.S. Accounts Payable department of 120 employees.   

Value Added

- Completed market compensation analysis and delivered strategy to move employee base to market based pay, reducing turnover and attracting higher caliber candidates

- Delivered performance management process that engaged managers and employee through focused performance discussions

- Led organizational redesign activity, across four divisions to gain efficiencies and build scalable structure

- Drove talent mapping for whole organization, building accelerated development plans for top talent and exit plans for low performing /potential employees

- Implemented succession planning process, identified gaps and strategy to develop potential successors, as well as hiring plan to strengthen bench

- Delivered redesigned/re-written employee handbook to match corporate culture

- Facilitated culture session and creation of new corporate values, including change management plan

- Designed an annual internship program, including the hiring, management and communication strategy 

- Built and deployed an engagement framework that matched start-ups with corporate R&D teams

- Delivered Board presentations on HR strategy

- Provided Leadership coaching to executives


Career Overview


Unifrax - Head of Talent & Total Rewards

Joined as Sr. Director Human Resources for Global Operations. Recently moved to take over Talent and Total Rewards.

Sally Beauty Holdings - VP, Human Resources and Talent

  - Reduce turnover in warehouses and retail stores by 20% in pilot group through redesign of talent acquisition process  

 - Breakthrough performance management process that improved review delivery from 50% to 99%  

Kimberly Clark Corporation

  - Implemented global Learning Management System to 54 countries and 15 languages in 6 months  

  - Overhaul of recruiting process, employer branding and ATS implementation, with a $3M ROI. Rolled strategy out across EMEA region  

  - Redesigned and restructured global marketing function and is still in place 5 years later   

- People strategy for a new innovation center start up in Colombia and Korea  

Intel Corporation

  - Organizational Health Program that improved employee engagement in japan from 46% to 83% in one year  

 - Developed Senior Leaders with improved leadership survey scores in Japan from 40% to 90%  

  - Intel’s first Global HR shared service center by consolidating local operations, saving $1M a year   

- Asia Payroll Outsourcing strategy resulting in over $1.5M in savings  

  - Deployment of Global Relocation tool, Global Travel and Expense tool, and Global Content Management system, delivering over $3M savings  

  - Developed and deployed the Intel® Web Invoice application and process in 10 countries with 90% automated transactions. Resulting in an ROI of $20M.  


Employee from Malaysia

"You have always been amazing. I loved working for you and you are one of the leader that inspires one to be a much better person. You have been one of my best managers I had and it was definitely a privilege to me. Thank you Jeff."

Business Unit President

“Jeff made a significant impact on our business and future by his innovation, leadership, and commitment.”

Employees from Russia

"You are the best Leader who I have met in my 20 years HR career at multinational companies ! I proud that I had a chance to be coached by you." 

"Best boss ever!!"

Employee from Costa Rica

"You are a very inspiring leader, very unique!"

Employee from Israel

"You were one of my top managers/ leaders who influenced me as a person, manager and leader. ( and I was not easy ...)"

Former Manager

"Jeff delivers what he commits to, challenges when he sees a better outcome, provides feedback that is  direct, honest and timely while keeping confidence when asked."

Videos and Articles

Community Involvement

  • Human Resources class speaker at Baylor University 
  • Founding board member of the HROA Asia-pacific, a non-profit organization dedicated on promoting the outsourcing industry   
  • Board of Trustee, Fort Worth Christian School, North Richland Hills, TX
  • Member of the Saba Strategic Advisory Board (2014-2016), Monster Advisory Board (2016) and ADP strategic advisory board (2007-2009)   


Willamette University


Masters of Management

Baylor University


Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance & Management

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